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Powerball Stats: The Numbers Ranked by Frequency from Best to Worst, Hot to Cold

Reports created by FrequencyRank , lottery, lotto, Powerball statistical software.

The statistical reports rank the Powerball numbers by their frequency . The numbers are listed in descending order, from the most frequent (the hottest or the best) to the least frequent numbers (the coldest or the worst numbers). The reports show the number of hits ; i.e. amount of drawings in which that particular Powerball number was a winner.

The ranking by frequency is performed two ways:
1) Regardless of position;
2) Position by position.

The second option tells you more eloquently why Powerball regular-number combinations such as 1-2-3-4-5 are so rare! Or full combinations like 1 2 3 4 5; 1. It is all about standard deviation, the watchdog of randomness (for everything in the Universe is random, not only lottery games).

The short-term ranges of analysis offer stronger tendencies, in accordance to the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). For far better results, run the special lottery software SkipSystem :

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View here the charts showing the sums with the respective amount of combinations for this lotto game: Powerball Sums, Sum Totals, Chart.

  • You can get adequately fresh Powerball results (past winning numbers) right here, at this web site. The drawings (history) file is in the perfect format for the great lotto software named above:
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    The following statistical reports are infrequently updated. No problem for the registered members of this site. They can run the Frequency Rank program any time, for any number of lottery drawings. The Powerball statistics are generated in mere seconds.

    You will notice that the discrepancy in frequencies is determined by the length of analysis (parpaluck) — for the position-by-position analysis as well. But now, some of the Powerball Regular numbers are so rare in certain positions that they tend to show frequency 0 only. Of course, Powerball Regular number 55 is the largest number possible in position 1 (for a 5/59 Powerball game). Still, 55 should show up in the first position, at least now and then. You know, just to satisfy those crazy-nut advocates of playing Powerball Regular-number combos such as 55-56-57-58-59! I haven’t seen such numbers in the first Regular 5/59 position: 53, 54, 55. How about lotto number 56 in the 1st position? Kidding.

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    • The cousin game of Powerball = Mega Millions.
    • The cousin game of Mega Millions = Powerball.
    • The loto game of European pride: Euromillions.
    • Powerball, Mega Millions strategy, system, based on pools of numbers derived from skips. The SkipSystems lottery and gambling software can create similar systems for Euromillions.
      (* The system hit at least 5 (five) Powerball jackpots as of Rocktober 20, 2007 (in a 20-drawing span: draw #3, #8, #9, #20). *)

    Lottery statistical software ranks most common winning Powerball numbers by frequency from hot to cold, best to worst, regular numbers and power balls.