powerball number frequency analysis

Powerball Frequency

Presented below are the latest Powerball Frequency charts that are updated immediately following each draw. The frequencies were reset following the Powerball changes that took place on October 7th, 2015. The frequency of each main number and each Powerball are presented in a tablular form for you to easily check a number of your choosing, or in graphical form lower down to see the spread of all the numbers against each other.

Below this are three tables showing the most common Powerball numbers, the least often picked numbers and the most overdue numbers. These statistics show that its common for some numbers to go months without being chosen, so it could be wise to choose them if you think they are due to be drawn.

The latest Powerball number frequencies that are updated immediately following each draw. Includes number frequency, common pairs, common triplets, overdue numbers and other useful stats.