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$20 Million

Est. Cash Value: $14.7 Million

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Lucky Winner!

When: November 18, 2020
Where: Heartland
Game: 500X Loteria Spectacular


Lucky Winner!

When: November 9, 2020
Where: Bullard
Game: MONOPOLY ™ 200X


Gloria M. Ochoa

When: October 26, 2020
Where: Bay City
Game: Break The Bank


Elvis Lott

When: October 23, 2020
Where: Houston
Game: Texas Two Step ®


Javier Cespedes

When: October 12, 2020
Where: Mission
Game: $250,000 50X Cashword


Rafael Lule Paiagua

When: October 7, 2020
Where: Palacios
Game: Powerball ®


Ophelia Deleon Cortez

When: October 2, 2020
Where: Robstown
Game: Cash Five ®


Lucky Winner!

When: September 30, 2020
Where: Seguin
Game: Lotto Texas ®


Lucky Winner!

When: September 28, 2020
Where: Clute
Game: Powerball ®


Armando B. Perez

When: August 27, 2020
Where: Corpus Christi
Game: Daily 4 ™


Phuong Pham

When: August 24, 2020
Where: Pasadena
Game: Lotto Texas ®


Lucky Winner!

When: August 21, 2020
Where: San Antonio
Game: Mega Millions ®


Deborah Philpot

When: July 9, 2020
Where: Burleson
Game: All or Nothing ™


Keanna Butler

When: June 20, 2020
Where: Odessa
Game: Bingo Times 20

Martha Nely Zavala

When: March 16, 2020
Where: Ganado
Game: MONOPOLY ™ 50X


Michael Wayne McDonald

When: March 13, 2020
Where: Floresville
Game: Diamond Dollars

Jennifer Pena

When: March 12, 2020
Where: Boling
Game: Premier Play

Francisco Casteneda III

When: March 6, 2020
Where: Jourdanton
Game: Million Dollar Loteria

Misty Stokes

When: March 5, 2020
Where: Beeville
Game: Break The Bank

Wesley Ray Cuellar

When: March 3, 2020
Where: Kingsville
Game: Texas Two Step ®

Dalton Paulsen

When: February 20, 2020
Where: Belton
Game: $750 Million Winner’s Circle

Bruce Edward Gourley

When: February 10, 2020
Where: Manvel
Game: Multiplier Spectacular


Theresia M. Carty

When: January 30, 2020
Where: Mesquite
Game: Instant Millionaire

Arthur James Medina

When: January 6, 2020
Where: Pearland
Game: Daily 4 ™

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Total prizes awarded in December 2020

Kimmika Batchelor

There’s an old saying, “If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready.”

Charles Jennings

Tameka Shanks

Rudolph Johnson

A Winning Hand with Blazing Suits

Candice Jones

She Did it Again!

Carmen Jaminez

Song Yoon

Life is Like a Song

Black Swan Capital, LLC

Sirgut Tefera

Maria Benitez

DC Scratcher Win Brings it on Home!

Gabriel Tibruss

He’s got a long list!

Mr. Abraha Estifanos

Introducing the newest member of the DC Lottery’s Millionaires Club

Manuel Montori

You’re a winner, baby!

Nicolas Peraza

Arnaldo Guerrero

30XCash Top Prize Winner!


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Your family, friends, and neighbors are winning all around the District. See what they won, the games they played, and where they bought their winning tickets. Keep winning, DC! ]]>