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The Best and Worst Lottery Memes That Will Make Your Day! Are You Ready?

Why So Serious?

Anywhere you look on the Internet, you can be sure there is a meme out there for that very topic, and the lottery is no different. You would be surprised by all the lottery memes that people have made. Some of them make absolutely no sense, whereas others have an important lesson to be learned.

The following memes are some of the best (and worst) memes we have found. What are some of your favorite lottery memes that you’ve come across?

The Worst Lottery Memes

One of the newest slang words that people are using is “jelly” instead of jealous. Whenever I hear people say that word, this is what I picture in my head. I am a literal person, so this is what I think of. Although I guess if someone won $45 million in the lottery and it was not me, I may be a little “jelly” too.

How many times have you tried for a big jackpot and had only half of the numbers? This situation could be one of the worst situations to find yourself in. Even if you could have chosen just one more number and you would have won something. It is a real kick in the pants to come so close!

I think I was wrong. While losing the lottery because you only matched 3 numbers sucks, THIS person must have been livid. This is proof that sometimes karma is a bitch. It makes you wonder what the person did to have such crap-tastic luck.

I do not understand this meme. How do you go about pounding the flesh out of the lottery? Someone explain!

The Best Lottery Memes

This meme is both hilarious and sad because it makes you wonder how many people this has happened to. Maybe this chick loves the guy, but I’m willing to bet all she sees is dollar signs. Poor guy. This meme is a prime example, how when you win the lotto; you are a target for smarmy people who are looking for a quick payday.

When this meme tells it like it is, it does make playing the lottery sound a little crazy. Instead of paying two bucks however often you play, pocket the cash. The chances of winning are slim to none. Of course, if you do win… Well, like the guy above, your life is about to get much more difficult because you won’t know who to trust and who not to.

Ooooh, Burn! It sucks how quickly a little bit of money (well… A lot of money) can change someone. You could be broke and in love, and then once you hit that jackpot for millions, you think you deserve better than what you already have… Or you’re just a greedy bastard who wants the cash for themselves. Either way, karma is a bitch, and it will get you eventually.

I don’t care who you are or if you even play the lottery; it is always fun to imagine what you could do with millions of dollars. It’s even better when you compare your “lotto wishes” with friends to see who would live the most fabulous post-lottery life.

Memes are all over the Internet and are of many different topics. has picked some of the best and worst memes about the lottery.

Top Ten Lottery Memes

No matter the topic you’re searching for on the Internet—even something as serious as the coronavirus—you’re likely to find plenty of memes about it. Unsurprisingly, people have a great deal of pent-up aggression about their lottery losses, and some would prefer to express that anger by way of memes. Luckily for us, that means plenty of laughter and relatability. On that note, here are our top ten lottery memes.

1. 1 in 176 Chance of Not Going to Work

This meme is pure truth. For most people playing the lottery, the dream is to win and to never have to work again. Some are thrilled by the idea of just not having to show up, while others bask in the fantasy of being able to brag about the win to their bosses and co-workers. Whichever way you fall, one thing is clear: all of us are excited about our 1 in 176 million chance of not having to go to work on Monday.

2. One Does Not Simply Win Money on a Single Scratch Ticket

We’ve all been there—experiencing the excitement of winning anything off of a scratch-off ticket, just to turn around and buy more to hopefully achieve the same feeling. Gambling is a fun game of risk and award, and if you’re not willing to put what you’ve already won on the line, are you truly having a good time? Just kidding. Please be smart with your lottery winnings, folks. Think of the memes.

3. Bob and James Stocklas’ Contrasting Powerball Wins

Bob and James Stocklas’ unbelievable simultaneous wins are just a hilarious meme—they are a peak reality. We’ve all been in Bob’s position. Finally win something? Well, someone else won more. What a mood killer. Still, Bob didn’t let his brother’s $291 million win wipe the smile from his face. In fact, we’re willing to bet he knows James is excited to share his winnings with Bob. Maybe he’ll even double Bob’s winnings!

4. Anonymous Scream Costume Lottery Winner

It’s true that most of us think that winning the lottery means we’ll be able to take care of our families. Unfortunately, for many lottery winners, this hope leads to many unwanted or even unknown relatives coming out of the woodwork. Fortunately, the guy in this meme gives us a plan if it happens to any of us. After all, who doesn’t want to accept millions wearing a Ghostface costume? Jokes aside, staying anonymous after a big win is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself. That’s why in China, pretty much everyone claims their prizes in costume.

5. The Winning Reporter Who Quit her Job on Live TV

If you haven’t heard the story of Natalia Escudero, it’s time you do. It’s easy to get excited when you win the lottery, even if it’s not that much money. Unfortunately, finding out on live television while you’re working may be a disadvantage, especially if you’re the type of person to excitedly quit your job without having all of the information. Though Natalia thought she’d won millions, she’d really only won $5,500—not nearly enough to retire early. Oh well, at least she had the opportunity to celebrate with all of the other winners!As the meme reads, she definitely played herself.

6. Paying Taxes on Winnings

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a country with a tax-free lottery, this is exactly how it feels for those who win big, especially in the United States. Even in states with lower lottery taxes, winners are subject to a 25% federal tax. At that point, it feels like the government is knocking on your door with porridge and begging for your money—only they don’t have to beg; they’ll just stick their hands out like in this meme and demand it.

7. Spending More than You Win

How many times have you spent more than $20 on scratch-off tickets, just to win a measly $2 in return? This is a risk that one must take when playing the lottery, but regardless, it’s frustrating enough to deserve a meme.

8. No Matter the Odds, There’s Always a Chance of Winning

Is this not the thought process that all of us have when playing the Powerball—Jim Carrey’s facial expression included? We know we’re likely buying losing tickets, but we choose to play for the thrill of possibility. It gives us all the more reason to be disappointed when someone else gets to take home millions.

9. Moments of Hopefulness

You’ve probably had a ticket—or ten—in your lifetime that has come so close to having the winning numbers. You’re filled with excitement and hopeful that it’s finally your time to shine. Your Ghostface costume is ready to make its debut at your lottery press conference, when… nope! Once again, you’re disappointed. Why do we play the lottery again?

10. Giving Out Handouts

It’s no joke that lottery winners always tend to become local heroes expected to give handouts to the people of their community—even the ones they barely know. On one hand, it could be nice to have all of that loyalty. On the other hand, such loyalty never lasts, and who wants to go broke taking care of people who are basically strangers (except for charitable donations, of course)? This must be why everyone plans to buy an island if they ever win the lottery.

Lottery memes are a great way to understand (and laugh at) the realities of playing and winning the lotto. From staying anonymous to having false hopes, here are our top 10 favourites.