lottery spinner

Lottery spinner

A library helps you performing a wheel for lottery game. Using anime.js underlying.

Or download the latest release.

Then link lottery-wheel.min.js or lottery-wheel.js in your HTML.

ESM is supported as well.

Suppose you have an element whose id is ‘wheel’ in your html file.

Then you can do the following to create a wheel:

More for option , see below.

To manually render the wheel when the draw property is set to false.

Property Description Type Default
el The element where the wheel mounted. Details. Object
data An array of prizes. Details. Array
pos The top-left corner of the wheel related to its parent element (the el element). Array [0, 0]
radius The radius of the wheel in px . Number 100
buttonText The text on the button. String ‘Draw’
fontSize The size of text for prizes. Number (auto generate)
buttonWidth The width of the button in px . Number 50
buttonFontSize The size of text on the button. Number (auto generate)
limit The maxium times the wheel can be run. Number 0 (unlimited)
duration How long will the animation last in millseconds. Number 5000
turn The minimum amount of circles the wheel will turn during the animation. Number 4
draw If true, the wheel will be rendered immediately the instance created. Otherwise, you should call draw to manually render it. Boolean true
clockwise If true, the rotation movement will be clockwise. Otherwise, it will be counter-clockwise. Boolean true
theme The color preset to be used. Details. String ‘default’
image Allow you to render the wheel using image resources. See image. Object
color An object used to override the color in the current theme. See themes Object
onSuccess The callback function called when a prize is drawn successfully. Details. Function
onFail The callback function called when trying to draw prize while has already drawn limit times. Details. Function
onButtonHover The function called when the mouse moves over the button. Details Function

The el property defines the element where to render the wheel. You should pass a DOM Element to it:

The data property use an array to define the things relating to the lottery game itself. The length of the array must between 3 and 12.

The simplest way is to put the name of each prize in an array:

It will generate the following wheel with default options. Every prizes take the same chance to be drawn, as the program will create four ‘prize’ objects with their text property set to the string in data array and chance property to 1 automatically.

You can also custom each prize by making it an object. The properties for the ‘prize’ object are listed here.

The callback function called when a prize is drawn successfully.

Parameter Description Type
data The drawn ‘prize’ object. Object

The callback function called when trying to draw prize while has already drawn the maximum times (defined in limit ). Notice that by the default options, one can draw unlimited times.

In this case, if one has already drawn a prize, the next time he clicks the button the alert dialog will be shown.

Called when the mouse is moving over the button.

Parameter Description Type
anime Refer to animejs. See the doc for usage.
button Refer to the Snap Element where the button lies. Object
Property Description Type Default
text The name for the prize String
chance The probability the prize to be drawn. The higher the value, the more chances the prize to be picked up. The probability is actually calculated by the formula probability = 1 * chance / (sum of every prize’s chance) Number 1
color The background color for the prize (will override color.prize of Wheel). String
fontColor The color of the text (will override color.fontColor of Wheel). String
fontSize The size of the text (will override fontSize of Wheel). Number

The above code will result the following wheel:

A theme is an object where stores the colors used in the wheel. It has following properties:

  • border: background color for the wheel’s border.
  • prize: background color for the prize part.
  • button: background color for the button.
  • line: color for the line between prize parts.
  • prizeFont: color for prize text.
  • buttonFont: color for button text.

There are three themes preseted:

  • light

You can also change the color by setting color property.

The image property lets you render the wheel using the existing resources by setting an object. It will make an image SVG element and it supports jpeg, png and svg formats.

Property Description Type
turntable The image for the turntable. String
button The image for the button. It’s width is controled by buttonWidth property and the aspect ratio will be preserved. Centered in the turntable by default. String
offset The y-axis offsets for the button. If negative, the button moves up. Number

Here’s an example of how it looks like when using the images in /doc/images folder in this repo.

Draw a lottery wheel and animate it! Contribute to fralonra/lottery-wheel development by creating an account on GitHub.