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I corrected him by saying that is plenty of money to buy some new tires for your car.

The physical pain on his face was priceless.

Juan won one yuan.

Because if you win, you get a “lotto” money.

He told me he was hedging his bets.

I’ve been here for a couple months now. My family is in Boston, so I’m 19 hours ahead.

My dad asks for the winning lottery numbers at least once a week.

This might be a bit long? My family isn’t the brightest of individuals.

Sister: My balls are caught in the door!


Sister: The poof balls on my shoes.

One of the many jokes my Dad constantly makes when a waiter/waitress brings the bill:

Waitress/Waiter: “There is the bill can I get you anything else?”

Dad: “How about a winning lotto ticket?”

Awkward laughs all around.

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A list of Lotto puns!