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Louisiana Mega Millions jackpot nears one billion dollars

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) – No lucky numbers have been claimed in Louisiana’s Mega Millions or Powerball drawings, increasing the Powerball jackpot to three quarters of a billion dollars. Mega Millions has risen to a whopping 970 million dollars, which is the second-largest jackpot of the game in history.

Many people in Lake Charles are playing to win, fantasizing about what they could do with that amount of money.

“I buy three of each; and generally, I win pretty good,” says lottery hopeful, Donald Espree.

“I bought a Mega Millions for last night’s drawing but I obviously didn’t win that one,” says another hopeful, Randy Courville. “With that much money, [it] could help a lot of people, you know. people who lost their homes.”

People like Mary Lacefield are taking chances on Wednesday. Lacefield bought her first lottery ticket ever, hoping to have enough money to rebuild and begin anew following the storms.

“Oh my God, that would be awesome,” says Lacefield. “I would buy an RV; so the next hurricane that comes through, I can leave in peace.”

More hopefuls would use the money to make the move out of Hurricane Alley.

“I would probably buy a more secluded area with some land, somewhere in Montana, maybe,” says Kevin Fontenot.

Others say it’s not worth spending your last dime on a dream.

“There’s a lot of financial struggle, especially here with the hurricanes and stuff like that so I really think it’s better to save money and invest in other things,” says Solomon Nafziger. “Even stocks would be better than investing in the lottery.”

For more information check out the Louisiana Lottery’s website.

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People are hoping to win big in the Mega Millions jackpot.