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kerala lottery Every day Draw Procedure

The kerala lottery department has taken every possible step to make the draw transparent in every day. There is common venue for all draws in Trivandrum . . A panel consisting of the MLA (of that constituency) as Chairman, other public representatives, socio-cultural and political persons etc., is constituted to entrust with the job of draw. Venue for the draw and the details of panel members are published before the date of draw, which ensures maximum public participation. The public is given the chance to participate in the procedure once the first few prizes are determined by judges present.

Know the Ticket:
The tickets are printed with numbers starting from 100,000, each bearing an alphabetic code. The numbers are preceded by a code consisting of two alphabets, of which the first letter representing the name of the lottery scheme and the second letter representing the series. For example, in a ticket bearing the No. AB-123456, the letter A – represents Akshaya and B – represents the series.

How it works:
, The kerala lottery department will is introduced an automated draw process to select the winners of its seven weekly lotteries and bumper draws.

The new machine will help the department to multiply the number of prizes below Rs 5,000 manifold, kerala lottery department officials said.

‘’The machine will also be able to reduce the draw time from two-and-a-half hours to just 45 minutes,’’ they said.

The machine will also put an end to the current practice of conducting draws in different parts of the state, which originally began as a campaign to boost the transparency of draws.

The department now plans to compensate it with the live webcast and telecast of the automated draw it is not started yet.

“The draw will continue to be conducted by the six-member panel comprising four people’s representatives and two eminent persons from select fields,’’

kerala lottery Draw Procedure 2018-2019