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How to play on the National Lottery?

After choosing which National Lottery draw you wish to participate in, you should purchase a Lottery ticket (tenth) and choose the 5-digit number with which you want to play. You can select them manually or randomly, depending on how you want to test your Luck. Also, you must indicate the number of Lottery tickets (tenths) that you want to acquire, at least 1 and at most 10. You will win the prizes in the event that your number, or any of the main digits are chosen in the draw within the distribution of prizes that have the same (previously set).

Price of the Lottery tickets ( tenths ) of the National Lottery

The price of the Lottery tickets (tenths) in the National Lottery will depend on the draw in which you participate. For the draw on Thursday each tenth is worth 3€, for Saturday on 6€ and in special or extraordinary the price per tenth is 12€ or 15€ depending on the week. In some extraordinary draws each tenth has a cost of 20€ with special prizes to the Lottery tickets (tenths) of 15,000,000€!

Where to buy Lottery tickets (tenths) of the National Lottery

The National Lottery can be played in two ways: Home Lottery or Digital Lottery. If you want to participate in the Home Lottery, you can acquire the Lottery tickets (tenths) by choosing the endings, although you can also leave the Luck in the hands of The Golden Witch. You will receive your insured Lottery tickets (tenths) between 24 and 48 hours at your home via express shipping (Seur). In order to choose this modality you must take into account that your final price will have an additional cost of 11€ in the Spanish Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, and 19€ in the Canary Islands per shipment. If you purchase an amount greater than 2,000€, then shipping will be free in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

In the case of the Digital Lottery, the tenths are deposited in your name with our Lottery Office and will be sent electronically to the email you are providing. You can access them in the section of your virtual account on our platform. Remember, with this option you will not have your Lottery tickets (tenths) physically at home but virtually.

We like to innovate and always be close to you, that is why we also have our “La Bruja de Oro” App enabled so that you can purchase your Lottery tickets on it. Search our App on Google Play or iOS Apple Store.

We wish you the best of Luck!

When do the National Lottery draws take place? Drawings and Schedules

The National Lottery holds drawings throughout the year. Thursday´s draws take place at 9:00 p.m. and Saturday´s between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. If you want to know the winning combinations you can access our “Results” section, at La Bruja de Oro we work to keep them always updated. Check our platform frequently to know the schedules of the special draws on Saturday and the extraordinary ones.

Sharing National Lottery with Friends

If you would like to share the hope of the National Lottery along with a friend, you can do it on La Bruja de Oro website! If you want to give a Lottery tickets (tenths) to a friend, you just have to register it in his name with his email.

We wish you the best of Luck!

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Frequently asked questions about the National Lottery

Where to check the National Lottery?

If you would like to know the winning combination you can click on the “results” section on our website. Our team keeps the data updated so that you have them at your disposal just minutes after meeting the winners. In addition, you can also have the results available in our mobile App. If you are one of those who enjoy the excitement of watching the draws in-live, you can also access the Official Lotteries and Betting website to see the broadcast at the respective times.

How to claim a National Lottery prize?

If your Lottery tickets (tenths) has a prize, and you played in the Home Lottery, you can redeem your prize at any of our sale points if it is less than 2,000€. If the prize is equal to or greater than this figure, you must wire it via a Spanish bank. Do not worry, at La Bruja de Oro we will provide you with all the legal procedures you need so that you do not have any problem arranging it.

If you played in the National Digital Lottery, we automatically deposit the prize in your virtual account if the prize is less than 2,000€. In the event that the prize is higher, like the Home Lottery, it must be cashed at a bank, so we will facilitate and support you with all the procedures so that you can collect it.

Remember that in the event that your Lottery tickets (tenths) gets a prize, you must collect it within 3 months so that it does not expire.

When do the National Lottery prizes expire?

If your Lottery tickets (tenths) has a prize, you must collect it within 3 months. After such period of time, the prize will be expired.

Do I have to pay tax on the National Lottery winning tickets?

According to the tax of the Spanish Tax Agency, from 2018 if the prize is less than 10,000€, it will be exempt from paying taxes to the Spanish Treasury. For prizes derived from games held in 2019, less than 20,000€, and in prizes from January 1st 2020, the exempt amount is 40,000€. In other words, if your prize is less than 40 thousand euros, you are exempt from paying taxes.

At what time do the sales of the Lottery tickets (tenths) of the National Lottery use to close

The National Lottery draws are held on every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. and sales use to close at 6:00 p.m. On Saturdays between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. and you can purchase your tickets up until Saturday. Purchases made on Saturday will already be for the next draw.

The best of Luck to everyone!

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